AYR gives smokers
a smarter alternative

AYR Product

Know how much
you've vaped

AYR Product
Refill & Recharge

Never run out of liquid or power.

AYR Product
My AYR App

Track your stats and progress.

Beautifully smart & effortless to use

AYR puts you in control. From knowing when you have vaped one cigarettes worth, through to automatic recharging and refilling and on to simply tracking your usage, we want to help you on every step of the journey to zero Nicotine.

AYR Product

Stay in control, track your liquid, levels, stats and progress.

The Smart Tip monitors its own condition and alerts you when a replacement is due.

AYR Product

Easy & Hassle-Free

When the vaporiser is placed back in the case, it automatically refills and recharges itself. The capsule can be changed at the touch of a button.

AYR capsules are micro-chipped to guarantee authenticity and quality

AYR Product

No Surprises

The status light indicates liquid level and battery level. They also show when the device is ready to use and highlight when it is in discreet mode.

AYR Product