We think it's time smokers
are given the smarter choice

Our first responsibility is to smokers who wish to use our products to stop smoking.
To smokers, we will act ethically.
Our second responsibility is to young people, who should never be encouraged to smoke or vape.
To young people, we will act responsibility.
Our third responsibility is to the scientists who advance understanding and the regulators who protect public health.
To scientists and regulators, we will act transparently.

Andrew Morgan


After 10 years at Gillette, Andrew spent 27 years in senior roles at Diageo including 17 years on the Executive team that took Diageo to FTSE top 10 and multiple Britain’s Most Admired Company awards. He was President Diageo Europe for 8 years. Andrew now invests in companies and chairs three of these.

"Ayr has produced differentiated, consumer-led design and IP in a very fast growing category. We have now built a talented team and great partnerships that can turn this into market leading performance," said Andrew.

Clive Millington


Former COO of TomTom Consumer Division, Operations Director at Imagination Technologies and Psion. Supplied to market over 100 million consumer electronic devices to 37 countries.

"I'm an ex-smoker (30 years and five unsuccessful attempts!) with a career spent in technology companies. I understand how hard it is to quit but also know that technology has a huge role to play in making the switch less challenging. Our elegant connected devices help users to set goals, monitor progress and celebrate their achievements whether it's quitting tobacco or nicotine all together. Our aim is simple; to help millions of smokers become ex-smokers."

Mark Gretton


Mark is the former CTO at TomTom and was a Director of Psion Computers. Mark is highly respected as a leading technologist.

Ian Murison

CDO & Co-founder

Ian is an award-winning industrial designer whose work in diverse sectors from consumer electronics to fragrance development led to the founding of AYR. "As an ex-smoker I wanted to help bring as many smokers over the line, and I felt that the products in the market didn't address the habitual needs of smokers"

Since 2001 Ian has been running Curventa, a London based award-winning Industrial design agency with his business partner and co-founder Adrian Bennett.

Kaveh Memari


As the Founder and first CEO of AYR, and in working in partnership with Ian and Adrian, Kaveh has been responsible for the creation of AYR from the start. Over the past 17 years, Kaveh has acted as Founder and CEO in start-ups responsible for inventing new technologies and forming these into consumer products that address fundamental health and environmental challenges. He has been responsible for creating and driving the vision, assembling the teams to execute, and raising the necessary capital to bring these projects to life. Over 160 investors and institutions have backed these projects to date.

Adrian Bennett


Since 2001 Adrian has run Curventa, an industrial design company, helping companies large and small, target their customers and provide them with compelling consumer products and experiences.

He has worked for over 25 years building a wealth of experience not just in the field of design, but also in product delivery and manufacture.

The draw to the vaping market was to leverage key consumer insights into a product that could truly help smokers transition away from tobacco.

Unlike any other company, we are supporting people on their journey to zero. Not just zero cigarettes, but also zero nicotine. We will continue to innovate for a smoke-free and nicotine-free world.

We think it's time smokers were given a smarter option.